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MyHost.com’s single goal is to make human centered technology simple, more affordable, and available to all. By using our teams of highly technical experts, MyHost.com offers you a complete suite of flexible, interconnected, and open-source digital products and infrastructure technologies.
At this point in time, MyHost.com is utilized by hundreds of small, medium and large business customers, and is currently a global company.

U.S. Based Customer Service

Every single product and service we offer is backed by live, 24/7/365 U.S.-based customer support experts. You can relax knowing your website and data are monitored for any unusual activity and benchmarked to continuously increase performance.

Money-Back Guarantee

MyHost.com stands by our money-back guarantee and invites you to get any hosting plan with us with zero obligation. In fact, we guarantee that you will always get reliable hosting, competent support and professional service. If MyHost.com doesn’t live up to what you expect, we offer a no questions asked money-back guarantee.